Haunted. A visit from a ghost in lockdown.

“He has a tattoo of a pin up girl on his arm” I say. Mum raises her eyebrow, remembering how happy I had been when my Gil Elvgren book on pin up art arrived… or her despair when I went out for Halloween as an army pin up girl.   “And it looks a bitContinue reading “Haunted. A visit from a ghost in lockdown.”

Dating in Lockdown; Virtual. Social. Distant.

Chapter 2: Social 3 weeks or so after the Virtual Speed Dating Night, I decided to open Hinge- the dating app that was collecting dust (metaphorically of course) Swiping through and I liked a profile; Dark haired, 6ft rugged scientist and only 3 miles away. I swiped left and it immediately came up that IContinue reading “Dating in Lockdown; Virtual. Social. Distant.”

Dating in Lockdown; Virtual. Social. Distant.

Chapter 1: Virtual At the start of lockdown, I was invited to attend an Online Speed Dating night hosted by a company I have dated through before and worked as a host for. This was about a fortnight or so after my First Date on Skype with Jay and as I hadn’t heard from himContinue reading “Dating in Lockdown; Virtual. Social. Distant.”

A First Date in Quarantine

Once upon a time, the whole world was ordered to go into lockdown as a deadly spell swept across the land. What would this mean for all the princesses and princes on their romantic quest? Okay, this isn’t a fairy tale but certainly worth a part in the lockdown chapter of my story. It wasContinue reading “A First Date in Quarantine”

Welcome to Jaded Dating

Welcome to my blog. Your first question is probably “Why is it called Jaded?” Well, apart from being a clever play on words as my name is Jade, this is a relationship blog and jaded is pretty much how us twenty-something girls (and guys too maybe) feel about the romantic quest. I found this definitionContinue reading “Welcome to Jaded Dating”