6 lessons from Love Island 2021

After 56 episodes of bombshells, challenges, chats, head turns, “graduating” and explosive outbursts, it is the finale of Love Island 2021. The final four couples in with a shot of winning 50k are:

  • Millie and Liam
  • Faye and Teddy
  • Chloe and Toby
  • Kaz and Tyler

An eclectic and interesting group and certainly not the final 4 we anticipated a few weeks ago following Liam’s head turning, Tyler’s Casa kisses, Toby’s indecisiveness, and Faye’s outburst and of course, no one expected the breakup of Liberty and Jake which resulted in them leaving.

The personalities and twists of the season have been absolutely what we have become accustomed to and what we watch it for. Reality TV is a social experiment and many of us identify ourselves and our friends in the contests. As a dating coach, I would like to highlight 6 lessons we have learned from this year’s Love Island

  • Trust your gut

Never before have we seen a couple become official, declare their love and break up during their time in the villa. Ever since the movie night, Liberty’s gut had been telling her something was not all it seemed in her relationship with Jake. And despite him claiming he loved her and continuously assuring her she was his “gurlfriend”, she knew it wasn’t right as he often put her down and she ended it just days before the final. Liberty showed great emotional maturity and humbly left with her head held high.

Special mention to Millie and Chloe who although had been “mugged off” by Toby and Liam at one point but took them back after grovelling as they knew in their gut it was right thing to do.  And Kaz too with Tyler for that matter!

  • Be your partners cheerleader

Who else noticed the smile on Liam’s face as he watched Millie play the keyboard at the Villa Talent show? As she started to shake while playing, his smile got bigger and he nodded. If she had looked up and seen his face, it would have reassured her to keep going. Adorable.

In fact, the full season has had many “challenges” such as the Police Challenge, sexy cat and mice, playing the field and that awful spit roast challenge. But you could tell who was genuinely into their partner by how they cheered and smiled while they performed.

  • Don’t worry what other people think

Of course, the name of the game is for you to be the winners which is “favourite couple” so while in the villa, if your fellow contestants vote you “least compatible” the vision of you winning is starting to blur. However, I do always advise that no one knows the couple more than the 2 people in the relationship. Faye’s reaction to being voted least compatible showed her own insecurities about her romantic relations and her friendships. It is fine to politely ask others why they have the opinion they have but kicking off is never advised.

  • Thoughtful gestures make an impact

When you are dating, you might receive flowers or pick up a bottle of their favourite wine to show you are thinking of them but when isolated in the villa, there isn’t many options to “woo” potentials or show them you care. However, the morning iced- coffee has been a prominent gesture of who you like in the villa. Each boy making their girl a coffee and handing it to her in front of the others. In the early episodes. Boys could be seen rushing to be the first to bring a newbie a coffee to peacock and then the girls would “aww” at the gesture and share who makes the best coffee.

Other cute gestures this season have been Liam’s birthday pancakes (stated his favourite breakfast) by Millie and Toby creating a picnic for him and Chloe.

  • Good friendships are SO important

From the early days, there was petitions for Liberty and Kaz to win the 50k due to their friendship. It was weird and quite frankly, out of order when Jake held Liberty back from hugging Kaz following her being asked to be exclusive by Tyler. You could tell Liberty was hurting watching her friend from afar. And Kaz set the bar for what a good friendship is when she returned from her last date and chose to sleep next to her heart broken friend in the day bed rather than cuddle with Tyler. Liberty didn’t even ask- immediately Kaz told her that is how it is.

However, it’s not just Kaz and Liberty. It is how all the girls are with each other. Remember when Millie returned from a chat with Lillie about Liam in Casa Amor…

All the feels. Through the season, the girls have really been there for the other girls, the boys have been there for the other boys and allowed each other to be vulnerable. And even platonic boy/girl friendships. Millie and Toby just hug and laugh consistently, Liam is always lifting Kaz for hugs and no wonder Faye blew up (again) when she saw footage of Jake encouraging the other boys to cheat. Faye highlighted that Jake had called the girls his sisters but that is not how you treat your sisters. She was right.

  Side note, egging your mates on to cheat is not ok. Don’t be like Jake.

  •  Relationships are a journey

Toby and Chloe. As a couple and as individuals they have been the marmites of the season. And it was no surprise Toby’s head turned quickly. However, since they coupled up again, they have proved to themselves, the other islanders and a majority of the public that they are a great couple and meant to be. Millie has forgiven Liam. Teddy has forgiven Faye. You might not get it right first time. Sometimes you make mistakes but how you communicate with each other is really how you make it!

What lessons have you learned? Who do you want to win?

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