An Open Letter to say Thank you

From my previous posts, I have come across very cynical. Yes, I am completely jaded. Yes, I have dated a lot. Yes, I have been disappointed and even heartbroken in the past. Yes, I am enjoying my dating hiatus and focusing on ME but that does not for one moment mean I am ready to accept spinster hood, join the nuns or give being gay a shot. Somewhere, behind the wall of roses and thorns there is still a classical, romantic in me. I know what I want and will continue to keep my standards high.

Dating throughout my twenties and turning 30 has made me realise what I do want and despite the disappointment, there has been exquisite traits in boyfriends past that have been life changing and these little things must be what keeps me going in the search for my forever person.

So here it is, my softer side. This is my Open Letter of Thankyou’s to those romantic connections past:

Thank you to N who would drop everything at a risk to spend 10 minutes alone with me.

Thank you to M who proved a guys ability in planning perfect romantic dates to take my breath away.

Thank you to J who has taught me that intelligent conversations, heated debates, ping pong banter and constant flirting is the key to burning passion and a lasting connection.

Thank you to R who loved me even more when I had no make up on and taught me that the ‘me’ I don’t show the world is ok to be.

Thank you to C who put me in my place when I was crossing boundaries and pushing the big red button. And also, for always have macaroons for me.

Thank you to D for proving opposites do attract and to never judge based on where someone is from.

Thank you to RC who has confirmed I should always trust my gut feeling about someone. The story of catching you will be used again and again for a lesson and a laugh.

Thank you to S for the strong connection within such a short time, for proving that I can open up and for all those times you looked at me like I was magic. Meeting you changed me more than you probably know.

These guys have been particularly noteworthy and I don’t regret a single moment spent with them or hold any resentment for any tears I may have shed.

While I am on a roll with being nice, I would also like to thank the guys that I have crossed paths with that deserve a thank you:

Thank you to the guy who chased me up the street to tell me I was beautiful on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Thank you to the guy asked to take me out for dinner at least 7 times-in a different way each time. Thank you to the guy who paid my bus fayre while I scrambled in my bag for my bus pass. Thank you to the bartender who created a cocktail just for me at my regular watering hole. Each of these little things have absolutely made an impact in my single life.

…This article has now got me thinking about the guys in my life who aren’t romantic connections and perhaps I have not truly thanked them for the part they have played or are playing in my journey.
Thank you to my guy mates for their honesty, genuine care and telling me how it is. Sometimes I do need a bit of telling off. Thank you to the gay men in my life who inspire me to be true to myself, not care what anyone thinks, always be fabulous and for always providing wine. Thank you to my best friend’s boyfriends, fiancés and husbands- knowing you guys are genuine and how happy you make my best friends makes you an inspiration. And finally, thank you to every guy that has fucked me over and made me who I am today – and also, the reason I have something to write about!

Yours Sincerely,


This may be the nicest and most positive I have ever been without wine…

NB: This was written in 2017 before Ariana Grande released “Thank you Next”

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A Jaded, optimistic bitch on the classic quest. A forever single city girl sharing her experiences on the dating scene with a goal to relate to other singles and remain positive

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